Mysterious black lump on Loch Ness recorded as sixth monster sighting of 2022

A mysterious black lump at Loch Ness has been recorded as the sixth sighting of the monster this year.

It seems the famous Nessie is back after a mum and daughter shared a photo of a mystery black lump they say appeared before them as they walked on the banks of Loch Ness.

The sighting took place around 5:24pm on October 11 this year as they visited from East Scotland, The Daily Record reported.

The pair noticed a long break in the water around 200 yards from the bank as the loch was otherwise “still and calm”.

They said: “As we watched a black lump appeared out of the water and sat for approximately 30 seconds before disappearing once again under the water.

“After another 30 seconds the black lump resurfaced for a shorter amount of time before disappearing under the water again.”

The sighting has now been recorded as the sixth official sighting of the monster in 2022.

In the water, the mysterious lump appeared to be “boxy in shape” and around the size of a football.

They added it didn’t seem to be swimming, but bobbing from underwater.

It’s been a number of months since the last official sighting which occurred earlier this year in August when a local resident was able to film what appeared to be a small wake moving against prevailing currents on the loch.

Record keeper Gary ­Campbell, who has recorded over a thousand sightings, said that the sighting lasted around seven minutes.